Coffee encapsulation

Experts in capsule coffee packaging

Your own brand

We select your best roasted coffee bean blends
or we can use our own blends.
We receive the coffee
a good logistics and storage ensures the best quality of the final product.
When the coffee
is ground, its aromas are expressed and determine the flavour. Para conservarlo correctamente realizamos este proceso en el momento del encapsulado para mantener así la frescura del café original.
We pack and personalise
the capsules and packaging with your brand name.
We are committed to the most modern technology in the packaging process,
to combat the great enemies of potting: bulk, weight and oxidation.
The properties of our capsules
allow us to obtain a coffee with an incomparable creaminess.
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Choose the best encapsulation option

Discover all the capsule possibilities for your brand


Espresso Point




Arabic Monodosis




Lavazza Blue




Nespresso Compostables

The staff is unique

Select where you want to display your brand and create your own image.

We personalise
Capsules / Case / Box

Specialists in the packaging of coffee in capsules

We have more than 25 years of experience in the coffee roasting and packaging process.

As specialists in the sector, the quality of a good coffee comes from the selection of the best beans, the storage and transport conditions, the roasting process and a very well cared for coffee. Finally, the packaging of the coffee plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the conservation of the coffee’s quality.

In our packaging plant located in Manresa (Barcelona), we provide capsule coffee packaging services to customers all over the world, even in compostable and biodegradable materials.

We offer different capsule formats, with the customer’s brand.

Full service coffee packaging

We can take care of the whole process until we turn it into your own branded coffee capsules.

Coffee roasting

Control of the degree of roasting of the coffee according to the bean chosen

Coffee grinding

Freshly brewed coffee just before encapsulation for better preservation and product quality.


Variety in the type of encapsulation to choose from

Personalised case

Customisation of packaging with customer branding

We encapsulate coffee for everyone

We carry out small, medium and large orders with customised capsules and cases, facilitating the service to the catering sector and shops. As well as national and international distributors. We ship coffee in compostable capsules all over the world.

We take care of all the details to preserve the quality of a good coffee, from the manufacturing process, traceability and logistics.

We continue to focus on innovation in environmentally friendly materials, including compostable capsules in the home.

Frequently asked questions about coffee potting

At BUSI CAFÉS we will encapsulate the coffee you want with your own brand. All you have to do is contact us and explain your project. We make the whole process a reality so that you don’t have to worry about anything. You receive your brand of coffee in capsules in approximately two weeks.

At BUSI CAFÉS, we adapt as much as we can to your needs, from small and medium-sized orders to large-scale production. Contact us and we will find a way to manufacture your own brand of coffee capsules.

At BUSI CAFÉS, we manufacture various types of coffee capsules for other brands. From capsules compatible with the Nespresso system, totally COMPOSTABLE AND BIODEGRADABLE, as well as BLU capsules for third parties, great for the hotel and catering industry. We also have other models such as FAP and SMA. You can contact us or visit our website where you will find all the information about each of them.

It will depend on the type of coffee capsule you want for your brand (Nespresso compatible, Lavazza compatible, SMA, FAP). Also the material you want, units, etc.

You can contact us for an exact price, according to your needs.